High Octane Titan

Erection capsules stimulate a long-lasting hard erection. Better erections and harder erections that give men the chance to always deliver the best performance at the right time. These fast-acting capsules release their precious charge within minutes of ingestion and the ingredients are quickly absorbed to work in the right place. Only the right amount of nitric oxide causes the blood vessels to relax, which can cause an erection.

High Octane Titan

Improved erections

This erection capsule has been specially developed for men who want to keep their erection hard for a long time. The advantages of using Titan erection capsules are: getting an erection quickly, long lasting erection and a harder erection.

Usage advice

1 dose consists of 1 capsule (350 mg) and should be taken at least 1 hour before sexual activity. Do not take more than 2 capsules in 24 hours.

  • Doelgroep

    Men (18+)

  • Packing

    Strip of 6 erection capsules packed in a box

  • High Octane Titan

    Ingredients per capsule

    Muira Puama Extract (200 mg), Maca Dry Extract (50 mg), Tribulus Terrestris (30 mg), Radix Ginseng (21 mg), Zinc Picolinate (20 mg, 4.1% Zinc).

  • Excipients

    Gelatin capsule

  • Allergens


  • Content

    6 capsules (2.1 grams)