High Octane Libido Fuel

High Octane Libido Fuel is the sexual fuel for men and women. Libido Fuel strengthens the libido and lust feeling thanks to the amino acid L-Arginine. The natural ingredients in this aphrodisiac cocktail mix stimulate blood flow, which has a positive effect on sexual desire.

High Octane Libido Fuel

Libido cocktail mix

High Octane Libido Fuel is an aphrodisiac cocktail mix that stimulates the circulation of the genitals. Good blood circulation has a positive influence on the erection and the desire for sex.

Usage advice

Mix 50 ml with a drink. Plus minus 30 minutes after ingestion sexually enhancing mood. The liquid contains almost no taste or odor. Do not exceed this daily dose.

  • Target audience

    Men and women (18+)

  • Packing

    Bottle of 100 ml aphrodisiac packed in a box

  • High Octane Libido Fuel

    Ingredients per 50 ml

    Water, L-Arginine² (648 mg), Vitamin C (240 mg) (L-Ascorbic Acid) (300%¹).

    ¹RI = Reference Intake
    ²RI not determined

  • Preservatives

    E211, E202

  • Allergens


  • Content

    100 milliliters of liquid